Art Director (M/W/X)

The newspapers abroad are all agreed: Groningen is the new place to be in the Netherlands. Not only is it the Netherlands’ most youthful city with a nightlife free of closing times; it is also extremely digitally advanced and bursting with creativity. Do you want to make a career as a creative in the communication industry, and are you someone who wants a high quality of life? If so, Groningen is just the place for you!

Initio started out as a highly active communication consultancy 20 years ago. The agency is staffed by an exceptionally agreeable and motivated team that builds strong brands for customers. We at Initio are quick off the mark. We always seek to lead the way in order to offer our customers a unique, highly creative and smart product. Initio is growing. That’s why we’re urgently looking for experienced and creative talent to join our team.

You are a creative person, through and through. Your creative mind produces the best and most original ideas. You take every visual expression, on or offline, to a higher level. Together with a copywriter you are responsible as a team for campaign and concept development.

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